What're The Best Enterprise Design Methods?

MEGA is really a Leader in the 2014 Enterprise Architecture Instruments Quadrant. Building on Joerg's solution: your unique issue is just a little hard to answer since Business Architecture isn't Layout and Style is not Venture Architecture, so it's not clear whether you desire methods or design tools, that are reasonably exclusive. But finally, I Would add that if you're doing legitimate Enterprise Architecture (and not just being truly a chief artist, which some firms give the misleading concept of EA for different reasons), worrying all about methods is lacking the idea. You may find real individual opinions for all the significant company architecture methods ABOUT IT Central Stop to be beneficial.

ArchiMate can be an open and independent Business Structure acting language that facilitates investigation the explanation and visualization of architecture Within and across enterprise domains. Archi ® fulfils the requirements of all Enterprise Architects enterprise architecture tools and connected stakeholders, and it has been designed to elegantly provide the principal characteristics needed for ArchiMate 2.1 modelling and it is employed globally by banks, insurance firms, business, EA specialists, education organizations, schools, and individuals.

Dragon1 consists of six internet programs (Resource Centre, Architecture Archive, Visual Designer, Designs Atlas, List and Application Manager). Competing level solutions supply archive or modeling features having a fixed view of goals, structure and structure. PROMIS Answers grows and offers EVA (Enterprise Price Designer) Online-modeler, a forward thinking, webbased and collaborative solution, well known by its past brandname Archi.
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